What’s Your Right Arm Have To Do With A Better Golf Swing

Being an analytic, I have broken down the golf swing into joints and how your body moves during the swing. There are hundreds of different ways to swing, but your joints must do a certain movement correctly in order to hit a solid golf shot.

What I want to talk about is your right arm, specifically elbow and how it can affect your swing consistency and accuracy. I’m a firm believer if you have no outside manipulation of any joint in the swing, and let it bend naturally, you should have a solid swing, but the minute you force it to do something, all hell can happen with your swing.

On the way back, your right elbow slowly, starts to bend. It does not bend too early. The first 2 feet or so of the takeaway, it should remain as it was at address, with a slight bend and no more.

As you take it back further, as in waist high, then it starts to fold even more.

Very important. The elbow never bends beyond 90 degrees. This is an absolute!

If you go beyond that, your brain will send a message to straighten it too early coming down, as it knows it has a long way of unbending to get to impact. This premature unbending is commonly referred to as “throwing the club”, or casting.

Nothing good comes from this, as you will have to compensate (and manipulate) to get back to impact squarely. That compensation brings timing into play. Timing is not reliable. One day good, the next day bad!

If you want to make your swing simple, you need to minimize the extra movement of your joints, especially in your hands, wrists, and elbows.

I don’t want you to be rigid when you swing, but the opposite is not good either. The more joints you have bending, the chance of not have a repeatable swing is much greater.

The move in the transition is the right elbow coming “down” and in front of your right hip. It has to go down. Picture the tip of your elbow having a direct line to your golf ball. You’re going to deliver it right into the back of the ball.

Doing this will prevent casting, and flipping at impact, and you’ll soon be crushing the ball with maximum compression. Coming down your hands should be the last thing you think of, and for most high handicap golfers it’s the first thing the ignite.

This right elbow golf swing concept is one you need to embrace if you want to have a consistent golf swing.

If you’re a left handed golfer, it would obviously be your left elbow.

Just in throwing a ball, you lead with your elbow, and the hand releases last and late into the throw. Golf is the same. If you’re still confused, and you yearn for a better golf swing, you’ll want to dive into finding out what is the root cause of your swing fault, to fix it and enjoy your golf.

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