Weigh-In: Motivation to Stay on Track & ENJOY Your Low Carb Lifestyle

It’s weigh-in time! 🙂

If you’re doing the 2018 Low Carb Challenge here’s the Week 5 Weigh-In post in our private Facebook group:

Week Five Weigh-In

You can comment here on this post instead if you prefer.

I look forward to your update!

In my last post about my Fun Low Carb Night Out: Dinner, Drinking & Dancing and in other places around the web, we’ve been discussing the more challenging times to stay low carb – like weekends, social outings and trips or vacations.

Side Note: I don’t drink alcohol often personally, but it’s perfectly fine to enjoy low carb drinks & wines on a low carb diet as long as you know two things:

1) Alcohol hits you harder and faster…

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