Uncover The 3 Biggest Misconceptions Surrounding Depression

Before the global conversation about depression took center stage, people used to throw the word around without truly understanding the depth of suffering the condition brings. Now, more than ever, the rising number of suicides made people look deeper into the symptoms and effects of depression. Many are beginning to understand that depression is never synonymous to sadness. It is something more crippling, with the power to take away your life even as you remain breathing.

Depression goes hand in hand with negative thought patterns. You find yourself ruminating about the painful past or feeling anxious about an uncertain future. And as you lose faith in yourself that you can pull through adversity, you learn to practice negative self-talk and adopt other unhealthy habits. You start to become unkind to yourself.

You or people you love may be struggling with this condition in silence. The more you understand, the sooner you can start dealing with depression. To help you separate facts from fiction, here are three of the biggest misconceptions you need to know about the illness.

1. Depressed people are always sad.

The entertainment industry presents depression in a two-dimensional way; alcohol bottles lying around a dark room, with a sufferer staring into blank space or lying face down on the bed. We rarely see this person smiling or laughing. He doesn’t go to work or pay the bills. He refuses to talk to family and friends. What movies and television shows leave out are the flashes of waves of depression that can come and go.

Depression is more than just crying endlessly through the night. However, not everyone could understand this, which makes dealing with depression more challenging. People only recognise the extreme representations of depression, often dismissing calls for help by sufferers who exhibit subtle signs. Remember, smiling is not a guarantee that a person is not struggling inside.

2. Depressed people only need love.

Depression is not and should never be a turn-on. It does not serve as an indicator of emotional depth, nor that it hints that a person is “mysterious.” The condition is a seemingly-endless struggle with one’s self, and is something that cannot be fixed with true love’s kiss or a best friend’s hug. It is a real illness that affects a person’s body, messing up hormone levels and triggering other conditions such as body pain, anxiety and insomnia. It is more than just a feeling, and therefore needs treatment based on scientific principles in order to be properly addressed.

Nonetheless, many depressed people appreciate receiving care and attention from their loved ones. On top of seeking appropriate measures, lending a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear can go a long way for someone asking for emotional support.

3. Depressed people just need to talk.

While venting out proves effective for stress brought on by modern-day living, talking is not always helpful for an individual dealing with depression. In some cases, discussing the problem makes the situation far worse, especially when the person is subjected to judgment.

Depression is a delicate and complex topic, which is a sufferer is encouraged to talk to a trained professional like UrbanMind’s Vikki Tear. As a certified energy therapist, hypnotherapist and practitioner of many other helpful modalities, Vikki offers a gentle, non-invasive yet effective way to overcome the condition. Using specific techniques with scientific basis, she offers sufferers a holistic detox minus the harmful medications. You will be amazed at how a quick and easy session can have a powerful effect over your life.

If you or someone you love is struggling with depression, we would love to show a safe and sustainable way to achieve happiness and freedom. Get in touch with us today for a complimentary private consultation.

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