Three Reasons Tiger Will Win The Masters

Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers to ever play the sport. When he is at his best and winning tournaments the PGA Tour and golf fans get a great show.

Since the incident in his personal life almost two and a half years ago, Tiger’s game has been in disray. Since that fall from greatness, Tiger’s had many obsticals to over come. Last weekend he overcame the last hurdle and was holding a trophy Sunday evening.

Before Arnie’s tournamnet last weekend at Bay Hill, Wood’s had really not be able to play lights out golf for a whole weekend. There were some flashes of the old Tiger, but those moments were usually followed by some major let downs. He has battled several injuries, and doubts in many parts of his swing.

After all this, there are three reasons that I think the Tiger of old is making a comeback and may be the man to beat this week at Augusta.

Reason 1.

Tiger’s win last week at Bay Hill was Huge! The significance of this win are to numerous to mention them all. It is his first win in a PGA tournament event in over nine hundred days and 26 tournaments. With the win he has moved into the top ten world rankings for the first time since last may. But the biggest benefit may be just that he finally won. Now there is no pressure to get his first win since his personal life fell apart. Now he can focus on wanting to win not needing to win, that is a big weight off his shoulders.

Reason 2.

Not only did Tiger win but he lead or was close to the top in almost every statistic. This is a big deal because during his drought atleast one part of his game has been horrible. It has mostly been his putting, but he has struggled with every part of his game. He has made several adjustments and they seem to be working for him. Bottom line, Tiger played almost error free for four rounds. That translates into wins.

Reason 3.

This may be the most important reason of all. In the last seven Masters, Tiger has finished in the top ten. Last year even lead the tournament for a short time on Sunday. Tiger does well on this course just like he does at Bay Hill.

There is no doubt that Tiger is working his way back to greatness. There is a long way to go but winning this week would push things along even more. A win this week would put him within three majors of the record 18 majors held by Jack Nicklaus.

One thing is for sure, there are going to be some dramatics this weekend. The question is, will Tiger Woods be in the middle of it!

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