The Perfect Morning Makeup Routine For Lazy Girls

Some people appreciate the morning sunrise, air, and smiles, but most of us need something more than the sunrise to wake us up. If you’re one of those girls who starts off their mornings about 30 minutes late, running around frantically trying to get an hour’s routine into 5 minutes, then this post is for you. We have mastered the perfect morning makeup routine for you! Here’s a way for you to get up and get at them looking your best in under 10 minutes:

Start With A Clean Slate

Cleanser in the morning is a must. Whether you’ve got 5 or 15 minutes, you have to clean up before starting your makeup. The leftover bacteria and dirt that reside on your face can cause breakouts and can make your makeup go on cakey, oily, and uneven. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly too, there’s no point in cleaning up your face if you’re just going to transfer the dirt from your hands back onto your face.



The Best Base

The best base for busy mornings and lazy girls, is BB Cream. It’s cream-like texture will moisturize your skin and provide you with a bit of coverage, while also protecting your skin with its in-built SPF. So, your skin is glowing and protected all day.



Beautifully Bronze

Strategically placed bronzer is probably a miracle worker for lazy girls. Simply applying bronzer around your forehead, in the hollows of your cheeks, and below your jawline will give your face structure like you’ve never seen before!



Flushed & Blushed

Adding some blush to the apples of your cheeks will add a bit of life to your face and make you look awake and even a little excited for the day.



Frame Your Face

Brows have become a trend in themselves. Whether it’s skinny, feathered, the boy brow, or the no brow look, your brows complete your makeup. For a quick fix, you can try using a waxy brow pencil to fill in and set your eyebrows.

For your most rushed days you might want to invest in a good brow mascara to fill, brush out, and set your brows in literally 10 seconds.



Curl ‘em Lashes

Looking awake is our main priority, so curling your lashes is the way to go. We may skip this step many a times, but it only takes seconds and it is the perfect way to open up your eyes without much effort.



Bold Lips

Since we’re going for a simple bronzed up look, bold lips are definitely the way to go. Not only will it add a pop of color to your nude look, but it will cover up for your lack of makeup elsewhere.



Ready to go in less than 10!



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