The Ancient History Of The Lollipop

Lollipops have been part of our childhood (and often adult) memories since, well… forever. In fact, when we say forever, we’re not far from the truth, because this familiar sweet, known and loved by millions of children around the globe, has been with us for thousands and thousands of years. True, it has not always had its present shape or form, but even so, our craving for something sweet and convenient has always been evident. Luckily, suppliers of wholesale sweets are here to fulfil that craving, and to make sure that stocks of lollipops never run low.

Way Back in the Mists of Time

Since time immemorial, humans have always wanted something sweet to eat. At first, as hunter-gatherers, they ate fruits to satisfy their sweet tooth. But as agriculture slowly developed, and with it the beginnings of civilization, humans found a variety of other sweet substances, including honey and sweet sap from many types of plants and trees. Then, a stroke of genius when an unknown person discovered that by creating a mixture of honey, nuts and fruit, they could coat a stick with a mobile supply of sweet goodness – the lollipop was born! Exactly when this momentous event occurred is not known, but archeologists have found evidence that as far back as the Pharaohs in Egypt, the Arab Empire and the ancient Chinese, people have been making candied confectionery. Using a wide variety of fruits, nuts and sweet concoctions they placed their creations on sticks to be eaten anywhere and anytime.

Thousands of years later, this sticky concoction got a boost from the increased availability of sugar in 18th century England. The quintessential boiled sweet was born, and quickly became a favourite.

Even then, suppliers of wholesale sweets looked for new and innovative ways to distribute their wares. Lo and behold, with the addition of a simple stick stuck into a boiled sweet, the modern lollipop was born.

The Modern Lollipop

George Smith is credited with 1908 invention of the version of the lollipop we know and love today. As owner of a sweet company called Bradley Smith he is said to have produced a hard, sweet confection that he named after a race horse – “Lolly Pop”. For whatever reason, this soon became known as a “lollipop” and the name has been with us ever since.

Other theories about the origin of the term “lollipop” point to a possible derivation from old North English slang for the tongue (lolly) and slap (pop).

Regardless of its unusual name, today the humble lollipop is still in great demand with suppliers of wholesale sweets offering a huge range from which to choose. Today’s lollipops come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. They come with either hard or soft fillings (even bubble gum) and whatever your taste, you’re sure to find something that makes your mouth water. From an old time, classic favourite, the lollipop has entered the 21st century to take its place in sweet shops across the country.

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