The 9 Best Martial Arts To Learn For Actual Fighting

Western culture can often lump all fighting styles into a big heap that is called “Karate” or “Kung Fu” or these days even “MMA.” Though it’s true to some degree that a punch is a punch is a punch, the fact is that different martial arts are better suited to different situations. Some are also more effective at accomplishing particular goals, be it reducing harm, breaking bones, fighting to cripple, or going in with killing intent. They’re also customized to help people of different sizes, genders, builds, temperaments, and experience defend themselves effectively.

With all this nuance built in to martial arts and hand-to-hand combat styles, knowing the right choice could be a crapshoot. You could spend years mastering Kenpo only to find you should have been a Judo disciple. Though declaring one “better” than another is a slight misnomer, there are those that work well, and those that falter. There’s also the difficulty of learning, the level of athleticism required to use it effectively, and which ones fit most easily into modern life. Though the best combat style for you is whatever works, here’s the 9 best choices for most average people.



Five masters of five disciplines came together to create this. Yes, that gives it the most awesome backstory. Even better, it created one of the most utilitarian martial arts available. The five styles represented here are Karate (Ka), Judo (Ju), Kendo (Ken), Boxing (Bo), and some Jiu…

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