Should I get a college minor?

In today’s rapidly changing society, new degrees are popping up seemingly every semester. What was once just a “Marketing” degree is now split into degrees in things like Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, and Content Curation. Employers are looking for more versatile employees than in the past, so they can save money on payroll costs. Many college students are picking up Minors to supplement their majors and make them more appealing in the job market. There is one catch to this otherwise sound strategy. It is important to choose your minor carefully, as it may be what gets you a job over your equally qualified peer.

Some Tips Regarding Minors

The most important tip regarding Minors don’t commit to one too early. Most Freshmen end up changing their major at least once before Junior year. If you are one of those Freshmen who know what they want to do from the start, then focus on exploring your other areas of interest with your general education requirements. You should also fill your elective requirements with something you’re truly interested in. If you still want to graduate on the four-year schedule, then you want to make sure you pick classes that apply to your minor. Look out for classes where you can use it to meet both a general education and minor requirement.

Your class selection strategy is key to graduating on time. Picking up a minor adds between 18 and 24 credits to your total. This means you can’t waste your electives on classes just…

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