Naturenurture Grooming Pre-school Kids For a Better Future

It has been said that the base of a building decides its strength. Similarly, the knowledge and values imbibed in kids at a tender age will define their personality. What has been taught to kids at an early age goes long way and has a huge impact on their future learning experience. Hence, it is essential for parents and schools to provide the right kind of base which opens the doors for a flourishing career ahead.

These days’ pre-schools have a unique curriculum for kids which had innovative ways of teaching. It is difficult to attract kids by applying techniques which are monotonous and textbook oriented. With kids, one needs to experiment by opting for an active and interactive style of teaching. It fascinates them and makes any lesson a child’s play quite literally!

The curriculum designed by NatureNurture serves the best example of how kids should be taught without making it a burdensome experience for them. The curriculum for pre-school kids should be so amazing that they look forward to it instead of getting bored.

Here’s a sneak peek how NatureNurture is different from the monotonous curriculum:

1. Life lessons

Educating a kid goes way beyond the textbook learning. Life is not just about Maths and Science. It is equally important to focus on teaching them real-life values. Making them respect themselves and others, honouring every living being and inculcating moral values is what makes a curriculum complete. Lessons on manners and good character are quintessential in the overall development of a child. Society doesn’t need only genius individuals; it needs good human beings as well!

2. Practical lessons

The curriculum consists of taking frequent nature walks which helps in establishing a bond with our surroundings. It also offers an interesting way to learn about things such as plants, trees, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. They get to explore so many new things which are no less than an adventure for them.

3. Social skills

It is very important for every child to be confident. Self-expression is an important part of our personality and plays a major role in our social skills. Interacting with fellow kids, engaging in various activities and trips allows them to develop their social skills.

4. Thematic workbooks

Thematic workbooks, first of all, are a visual treat for kids. They help in making the teaching session more active as well as interactive. Thematic workbooks help in establishing a fine link between various subjects and promote team-work. It also offers the kids a chance to explore their creativity and reach new horizons of imagination.

These programmes create a unique environment conducive to students and have a positive effect on quality of learning. If children are happy they are more likely to perform well in their academics, unlike kids who run away from the mere sight of books. These school solutions in India should be highly welcomed for the betterment of our entire education system. It is the need of the hour to have appropriate grooming of kids which can help in alleviating their career to greater heights.

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