Is Your Child’s Preschool Maintaining a Health & Hygiene Check?

A typical preschool child is aged between 3-5 years. While this means that they have a tender mind, all ready to absorb whatever learning is thrown their way, it also means other things like preschool is the first place they spend their time away from home. Also, being so young, their little bodies have an immune system that still needs strengthening. As any doting parent would, measures are taken to ensure the child is always in a hygienic environment, eating balanced meals, and following a healthy balance between work, play, and rest. More or less, these form the basic checklist to maintain a healthy and hygienic lifestyle that the child needs……at home, that is.

What of when the child is in preschool? Is he being secured by an equally hygienic environment and being taught the value of a healthy lifestyle? This concern is sure to crop up in a parent’s mind at some point or the other. Besides how can you be sure of how much to expect out of the preschool? Well, let the benchmarks set by India’s leading preschools help you decide that.

Below are certain health and hygiene parameters that are set in place to ensure the child enjoys the benefit of a healthy environment and doesn’t have his health compromised upon during his tenure at preschool.

Expert Pediatricians on call: That’s right, did you know leading preschool chains insist on boosting the health and hygiene measures they take with the advice of medical experts. This ensures that the preschooler goes through a general health-check from time-to-time to note down progress or points of concern. This in turn enables parents to be able to keep a tab on their little one’s health.

Sanitized Toilets & Pest Control: Come to think of it, the main touch points/causes for a child taking ill are toilets or exposure to any pests present in and around the premises. Envisioning this, leading preschool chains ensure that the maintenance staff takes all the necessary measures to regularly sanitize the toilets and carry out fumigation and pest control, to avoid any mishaps.

Basic exercise & healthy eating habits: By introducing child-friendly exercises and gyms into the pre-school premises, balancing indoor learning with outdoor play, and incorporating physical activities as part of the curriculum, leading preschools ensure they cater to the physical development of the preschooler, too. Children are taught the importance of eating right and to take pride in their health from a young age, after all, it’s better to learn while young that ‘health is wealth’.

In conclusion, if the above are measures followed by leading preschools, it means that these points are to be looked out for to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment for the child and should be points you, as a parent, take into consideration when selecting the preschool for your child.

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