How to Identify Auto Body Parts Authenticity?

Current situation of China auto parts market

At present, the whole system of China’s auto parts market is not very standardized, there are many serious problems, such as market management confusion, product quality varies greatly, the fake and shoddy products overflow, information not asymmetry and not opaque, employees are low quality, service work is not very sound, chaos and so on. It seriously disrupts the normal order of the auto parts and accessories aftermarket, also hurts the reputation of insurance companies, regular auto body parts distributors and legitimate interests of the majority of owners. This article analyzes the current problems in China’s auto parts market, and makes some corresponding solutions, which has some significance in promoting the healthy and rapid development of the automotive aftermarket.

Tips for identifying the auto parts authenticity

Check whether the trademark symbol is complete. The authentic products packaging quality is good, the handwriting on the packaging box is legible and the overprint is bright. The packaging boxes and bags should be marked with the product name, model specifications, the number, registered trademarks, factory name, factory site and telephone number, and so on. Some of the important components such as the generator, distributor, fuel pump, comes with manual, qualified card and inspector’s chapter. Second, check whether the surface of the part has corrosion. Qualified wholesale auto body parts surface has both accuracy and burnished finish. The more important parts, the higher the precision, the more stringent packaging rust and corrosion are. Also, observe whether glued parts are loose. The parts made by the combination of two or more parts, the parts are press-fitted, glued or welded, which does not allow loosening between them. For example, the pump plunger and the regulating arm is mounted by press combinations; clutch wheel is combined with steel by riveting, the friction plates and steel plates are riveted or glued; paper filter element skeleton and filter paper is glued; thrum of electrical equipment is welded. If they are loose when you purchase, then you should exchange.

Appropriate policies for the government to solve the auto parts market problem in China

For the problems that exist in the auto parts market in China, the government needs to develop appropriate policies to solve the problem, to better promote the healthy development of China’s auto parts market. The government should promote and implement the following policy: First, it is necessary to actively encourage and support investment and development of parts industry in China. This includes two aspects, one is to encourage and support investment and development of advanced foreign parts manufacturers in China, the second is to encourage and support the investment and development of the domestic parts manufacturers. It is difficult for the vehicle industry development in China to gain an advantage, R & D difficulty of parts is relatively lower compared to the vehicle, so we should turn our work center to this. Localization of spare parts production, automotive spare parts price will be reduced. Secondly, extensively absorb the social capital to develop China’s auto parts industry. Also, to adhere to combination of the market competition with macro-control and the main principles of market competition, practically realizing legal and scientific management of the automotive spare parts industry. Government departments should regulate the market behavior of economic entities in the field of auto parts production in accordance with the relevant technical regulations and administrative rules and regulations.

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