How To Choose The Right Wood For Smoking

If there’s one thing people who cook on gas grills Dallas TX know, it’s that nothing tastes better than grilled meat. They also know that if you cook meat with smoke, you get the added dimension of mouthwatering, smoky flavor and aroma. If you’re getting ready to purchase your gas grill and you can’t wait to smoke ribs, chicken or a Texas-sized brisket, here are some thing you need to know about choosing the right wood for smoking:

Grill Store Dallas TX: Wood-Smoked Flavors

Different types of wood impart subtle flavor differences to smoked meats, but the power of suggestion might just mean you’ll taste more sweetness in meat when someone tells you it was smoked using cherry or peach wood instead of hickory. Mostly, wood smells and tastes like wood; and wood-smoked meat will smell and taste like wood with a hint of other flavors and smells dancing around the edges.

Propane Grill Dallas: There’s A Range Of Intensity In Smoking Wood

Woods used for smoking range from mild to overpowering, not only in their specific flavors but in the amount of smokiness they lend to food. On the mild end of that range are the fruity woods like apple, cherry, peach and pear. These are a great choice for smoking all of your non-red meats like poultry, pork and fish. In the middle are woods like oak, hickory, maple and pecan, which can be used with pork and red meat. Hickory and oak are a great choice if you want to give your meat a dark, mahogany color that looks richer and tastier than the typical pink color ring that smoking imparts. At the strong end of the range is mesquite, which should only be used in moderation and with red meats.

Gas Grills Dallas TX: It’s Okay To Mix And Match

You can’t go into a grocery or hardware store in Texas without seeing bags of mesquite chunks for smoking. Because so many outdoor grills here are loaded with that particular hardwood when it’s time to smoke some meat, it’s a good thing to consider mixing and matching woods to mitigate the usually overpowering and sometimes unpleasant sensory explosion that is mesquite. Try combining mesquite with apple or hickory with cherry or oak with pear. Think of these different wood combinations like you would different spice combinations for your rubs- – eventually, the right one will result in your signature flavor.

No matter which wood you choose to smoke with, you’ll need a great grill. For the best selection of gas grills Dallas TX , visit Jacksons Home & Garden. You can also give us a call at (469) 789-5440.

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