How an Attorney Can Help Bring Justice to a Work Related Injury

When an employee is unfortunate to have a workplace injury he can avail of a Workers’ Compensation insurance, which is insurance that employers in Oklahoma are expected to have to compensate any workplace calamities involving employees. Workers Compensation pays 100% of all reasonable and vital medical expenses for an on-the-job injury. It will also offset the injured worker if he has to be removed from the job temporarily on account of the accident.

The reforms passed by the Oklahoma Legislature in 2013, introduced stringent limitations on the Temporary Total Disability (TTD) compensation allowed. If an on-the-job injury results in permanent partial disability the injured worker is entitled to recover monetary compensation, but the amount would be disbursed after taking various factors into account.

Ideally, if a worker gets injured at work, he must report it to the employer immediately and submit a letter to document that he has done so. If the employer fails to treat the injured employee within five days, the employee should proceed to obtain medical treatment detailing the accident at the workplace to the doctor.

If the employer does not provide medical treatment I within five days, he can seek treatment on his own describing to the medical provider how he was injured.

The importance of roping in a law firm

An employer may not deem it fit to provide the injured worker the benefits he is lawfully entitled. Or the worker may not be getting the care he needs for his on-the-job injury. Or the full extent of the injury was not being addressed by the doctor provided by the insurance company.

In the case of such things happening, the injured worker can take the assistance of a reputed law firm such as Burton Law Group, P.C. to help him extract the compensation that is rightfully his.

The work injury lawyer can help him get a doctor who will listen to him and not the insurance company.

If a hearing is needed to prove his claim, the attorney will take this up to do all within his power to obtain the benefits you are seeking.

As an employee-at-will, he can be terminated for any reason or no reason at all, but it is unlawful in the state of Oklahoma to fire an employee in retaliation for filing a Workers’ injury. However, an employee can be terminated if the injury is preventing the employee from returning to the same job and the employer does not have the means to accommodate the injury worker elsewhere.

A law group with decades of experience in representing workers every day at the Workers’ Compensation Court and Commission is usually driven by a passion for helping those who are oppressed by big companies or their insurance companies.

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