Giving Your Children Moral Education

We know that how this generation of children is surrounded with laptops, mobile phones and Whatsapp. Many people complain that their children are addicted to phones, laptop and do not concentrate on studies. Just visit any child psychologists, he will tell you in detail.

The fault lies not with children but with us too. As you know children copy parents, so when they see them hooked to laptop and phone, how can you expect a child to not follow same step? Better option would be to put off your laptop, phone for an hour or two, and read him a good story book.

If you are looking for a good story book, then what better option can be than our own Panchatantra? The stories have interesting animal characters like lion, deer, jackal, monkey etc with a moral message in the end. Actually, the story starts with typical real life situation nowadays i.e. children are not interested in studies, and their father worried about their future. Suddenly, a guru came and ensured his children to make them a good human being. And, thus the stories starts.

A guru and his 3 disciples

Vishnu Sharma Telling his students, moral stories.

The stories tell how to stay away from liers, never poke your head in things that don’t concern you and above all, never get panic in tense situation. Instead, remain Calm and use your brain in tense situation. It’s not only good for students, but can also be applied for office politics. We all know how sycophants and arrogant managers are making our lives miserable. Hence, to stay in competition, the guy needs to play politics in a good way. Our Indian Stories can teach a lot about it. We bet you will appreciate Indian Culture more after reading these stories.

How to get it?

You can buy Panchatantra books from Amazon, Flip Kart or check out any book store, Amar Chitra Katha is quite available. Or, you can watch you tube, play hidden object games that tell stories and lot more. We bet you would love these stories so much that you would read not once, but twice or thrice too. Such is their power; they keep you hooked that’s why these stories are alive despite so much invasions in our country. They spread by word by mouth and know are available in digital format too.

Unfortunately, most people are not aware of good things about Indian culture till they are approved from Western world. Our Indian Stories are also like this, most people are not aware of it. They have never been included in school text book despite giving such a good moral message.

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