Europe Debt Crises Can Affect the USA Elections on November 06, 2012

Europe Economic Dip Will Slice short term Loan borrowers

2008 was marked as the most unforgotten year in the history of economics for producing a devastating economy globally. For economist and financial experts through these years it has been a herculean task to revive the global economies. Almost every industry got succumbed to serious injuries, and until now there is a global hunt after a path of recovery. United Nations and other International agencies are trying to repair the economic problems in great coordination and the United States November 06, 2012 elections can get affected badly. Million and millions across the continents lost jobs, no cash to foot bills, no cash to cater basic needs and low income groups are victims at the economic forefront even in the rich economies like America. Jobless people turned over payday lending companies for the short term loans, financial help and they became chronic cash borrowers from money lenders. The short term loans the very term signifies for small amount loans to meet emergencies, but the economic slump has derailed job security and people took it for long term goals. Painful to say, people began to take short term loans from multiple money lenders. Slowly, debt level increased on borrowers and credit repayment declined steadily, this pushed many low-income groups to misery, and bankruptcy.

Economic Dip Again! Will Upset Short term Loans Borrowers?

The first industry that got punctured was realty businesses in 2008 and this plagued other industries in succession. By the turn of the January 2009, the entire world was in the web of economic crises. People began to sense the pinch of it as they lost jobs one after other in turns. However, the effect of recession did spread from Atlanta cutting across the European borders flew to Asian Continents as well. This time, Europe has shown the signs of great economic dip once again, this can again put the entire world into misery again. While this happens, in the meantime, rest of the world is waiting anxiously at Europe, and even the G-20 summit hosted in Mexico had the discussed the widest fears of Euro partners crumbling in economic crises. But one has to remember, another global recession will take away the energy levels and leaving no scope to recovery. Jobless will continue to be, and governments will have to collect taxes without mercy and everyone rich, poor will have to control their spending. The level of short term loans will increase again.

Quick Economic Control Can Reduce Short term loans Borrowers

Europe has responded quickly to the arising problem in the continent, first it bailed out Greece from its debts, up to 50 per cent to money lenders and also pumps in an immediate rescue funds up to $1.4 trillion to maintain the credit flow and pull-out the troubled hit countries in Europe. European banks plan to recapitalize and boost up the reserves in coming up next six months. This decision has pushed up the DOW Jones industrial average by 3 per cent. Of course, this will create a degree of economic harmony in the Europe and to certain extent push jobs above the expected levels is our assumption. This will restrict frequent contact of low income groups with loan lenders for short term loans. During this time, a stronger interactive force alone can rebuild a right economy.

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