Easy Sandwich Recipes For Beginners

Let’s just admit it, we love our sandwiches in any form. From grilled to stuffed to toasted, sandwiches are our go-to dish when hunger pangs have already begun. Usually made with ingredients which are easily available around the kitchen, a yumm sandwich does not cost more than 15 minutes of your time. And guess what? You don’t require superb culinary skills to come up with a great sandwich. Beginners, are you listening? Here are some easy sandwiches recipes to try out.

Eggy Sandwich

One of the most simple recipes, this sandwich is a treat for the egg-lovers too.


6 eggs

1 loaf of bread

2 tbsp milk

1 tbsp light olive oil

2 tomatoes, finely sliced

2 tbsp mayonnaise

A squeeze of tomato ketchup

Salt and black pepper for seasoning


Slice the bread in pieces of desired size. Crack the eggs in a bowl and whip it up with milk. Pour it in a large plate and lay the bread in the mixture. Leave it for a minute. Heat the oil in a pan and start frying your eggy bread. Now start with aligning your sandwich. Spread tomato ketchup on the bread slices and add the layers of tomato. Add the spices, spread the mayonnaise and sprinkle some grated cheese if you’re a cheese lover. Your eggy sandwich is ready!

Spicy Paneer Sandwich

The spicy paneer sandwich is the perfect vegetarian delight!


4-6 paneer slices

1 loaf of bread

2 tsp tamarind extract

1 tsp sweet chilli sauce

2 tsp mint sauce

1 tsp chaat masala

4 slices bread

10-20 gms butter

1 tomato and 1 onion, sliced

Salt to taste

2-3 chillies

2 Tbsp refined oil


Mix the tamarind extract, the sauces, chaat masala and chillies in a big bowl. Butter the bread slices and spread the chopped tomatoes and onions evenly on it. Dip the pieces of paneer in the mixture and place them on the bread. Close the sandwich with another slice and toast them with the help of oil. Devour your spicy paneer sandwiches. 

Sandwich with Leftover Chicken

Chicken curry left over from last night’s dinner? This sinful sandwich is what you must make out of it.


3-4 sliced chunks of leftover boneless chicken

1 loaf of bread

2 sliced onions



1 tsp of lemon juice

Chopped coriander

Salt and pepper


Heat the leftover chicken curry in a pan and add the coriander and lemon juice to it. Make sure the pieces of chicken are small in size. Toast the slices of bread and butter it. Spread the slices of onion on the bread and now pour the re-cooked chicken curry on the bread. Keep a check on the quantity of gravy because you don’t want your sandwich to turn soggy. Sprinkle the cheese and some salt, if required. Amazing chicken sandwich is ready.

These simple recipes are what you need when you’re running out of time and need a heavy snack. Try these sandwiches recipes the next time you’re desperately in need of a quick snack to munch.

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