Considering Breast Implantation? Here Are Some Crucial Factors To Keep In Mind

Breast implantation surgery is a procedure to enhance the size of the breasts, restore the volume, increase projection and fullness and to make sagging ones firm. It is not only a procedure to improve the figure but also boost self -confidence. Due to pregnancies, higher body mass index it happens, whereas some women are not blessed with naturally attractive breasts. Breast implants can also be used for mending of breasts after an accident or mastectomy. However, there are few things that you must keep in mind before going through the surgery. Here are some of them.

Choose the type of implantation you want

Silicone breast implants and saline breast implants are the two kinds of breast implantation. In saline implant, saline are inserted into the body empty and then sterilized salt water is filled into it. Silicone breast implant is another method where a thick gel, is used and gives a natural feel, but a periodical screening test of MRI is often required. Saline breast implant process is economic and commonly involves smaller incision. However, breast implants cost differs from one clinic to another.

Have realistic expectations

While undergoing breast implantation, we often wish to have breasts like those of celebrities. But, this is wrong. Remember that miracles do not happen overnight and your body is unique and so your new breasts will be. Unrealistic expectations will result in dissatisfaction even if it turns out to be a success. Consult with your surgeon and think realistically.

It is best to explain what size and shape you want through pictures with initial consultations with the doctor. This will assist your doctor to determine on the type and size of implant needed to accomplish your objectives. The clinic may offer you to place different implant sizes in your brassiere during the initial group discussion, so you can imagine how you might appear after the cosmetic surgery is concluded. While some women choose a proportional breast size, others opt for a more evidential augmentation.

Consider the incision

In breast implantation, surgeons use three types of incisions such as nipple, armpit and under the breast crease. Belly button incisions are also used by surgeons. Discuss with your surgeon about which incision you body feels comfortable with before undertaking the surgery.

What is the purpose?

Are you doing it solely for aesthetic reasons or after getting pressurized from your spouse. Purpose of the surgery is an important factor as it will determine the level of satisfaction you will get after the surgery.

Cost of the surgery

Breast implants cost tends to vary from one clinic to another. Consider your budget before going through it. Silicone breast implant tends to be costlier whereas saline breast implant tends to be economical in comparison. With thousands of money at stake, it is important to do some research about the cost of the procedure in the internet.

Breast implantation is a popular cosmetic procedure to improve beauty, self-esteem and confidence. It is however also a personal decision on behalf of an individual to undergo it.

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