Conduct Criminal Background Check to Ensure Security

When employing a new person, it is essential to carry out a background check to ensure that the employee can be trusted. There are different types of background checks that are carried out for this purpose.

An employer can verify the education, employment and professional license verifications, etc. These reveal the candidate’s skills, experience and his behavior in his previous workplace. Many a time a financial check is also carried out in case the individual is to be employed to handle the cash. Criminal background check is carried out in most cases to ensure that there is no threat from the person employed. It entails carrying out a check to verify if an individual has a criminal history.

A criminal background check begins with verification of the social security. An extensive check of the individual’s aliases, nicknames, maiden names, etc. is carried out. If multiple names and addresses are revealed, the employer gets the county searches for criminal background checks for those names and addresses.

Following this is a search for records for arrests, convictions, and sentencing. This information is availed from police records, court records, etc. An investigator looking for such evidence can look up the database of police and courtroom records for this.

The following information is searched during a criminal background check:

  • Criminal record: Any criminal record can serve as a negative factor when considering an individual for employment.
  • Arrest history: When considering a person for employment, his arrest history is important. The investigator can check the crime for which he was arrested and the duration of jail term.
  • Sex offender records: Since most organizations are intolerant towards sexual harassment in any form, a sex offender record is definitely a deterrent for employment.
  • Litigation records: Many employers also verify if you have any kind of record of filing discrimination lawsuits.
  • Driving records: Even driving records with a number of violations put off employers. This is especially true in the case of jobs that require you to drive.

The importance of criminal background check cannot be stressed enough. There are professional investigators who can verify the background of the employee under consideration. You can investigate and employ an individual only after being completely sure that he does not have a criminal history.

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