Can You Achieve A Perfect Release In Your Golf Swing

They say impact in golf is everything, and I’m going to make it even more specific and say how you release your hands through impact is the key. Golfers looking for a perfect ball/club contact will need to educate their hands. Because the swing is just about one second in length, it happens very quickly.

To hit a golf ball is a very counter-intuitive action, and it is so difficulty to get it right. Maybe this is the reason golf handicaps have not gone down in over 2 decades, even with all the technological advances in swing analysis, golf training, and even aids that can help the golfer fix swing faults.

One analogy I want you to think of is hitting a baseball and how your hands release. There is virtually no difference other than you are hitting a stationary ball on the ground, so you are bent over in your posture.

A good way to feel the proper release of your club is to stand upright with your hands at chest height. Now swing the club back and through and watch what your hands do naturally. Now all you need to do is bend over and transfer that same feeling and just let the ball get in the way.

The most common fault is the early release, otherwise called casting, which then results in a flipping of the hands through impact. This dramatically decreases your clubhead speed, and creates many off-center hits, which then result in slices, hooks, and other ugly ball flights.

When you see pictures of the pro’s, it looks like they roll their hands over through impact and this is not what they do. If you started to do this motion, you will have to time it perfectly to hit consistent shots. Some days your timing might be on, and other days, it will be way off.

Your scores will have a distortion of up to 10 strokes each and every time you play. If you are wondering why one day you can shoot an 85 and the next time out a 97, this might be your issue.

The perfect release is one where you hands come in and past the ball, with your right hand on top (or covering the ball), and through impact your left turning down, which allows the club to fully release for maximum speed. This turning down of the left hand will also square your clubface, so you will hit the cent every time.

When you learn how to release your hands in golf, you will add a ton of yards to every club in your bag, and you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your accuracy and consistency.

If at this point you are still struggling with your release, you might want to look into a golf release training aid to educate your hands.

I feel this part of your swing must be learned if you truly want to hit near perfect golf shots every time you play.

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