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Breastfeeding seems the most natural thing in the world – the perfect expression of a mother’s bond with her baby.

But boy can it be tough!

After a complicated birth – so many are – I struggled to breastfeed.  And continued to struggle for several long months.

Yet somehow, with help scrabbled together from all over, we made it through, got into a rhythm and only finally gave up breastfeeding at 15 months.

This post – written with the help of 20 amazing mummy bloggers – brings together all the breastfeeding tips I wish I’d known and understood at the time.

Hopefully, our experiences make breastfeeding a little easier for you …

Breastfeeding Tips

1. Get as much skin to skin contact as you can in first few days

Give nature the chance to work its wonders in the first few days and get as much skin to skin contact as you possibly can, even if it means lying in hospital with your boobs hanging out!

2. Rest, rest, rest and more rest

People will tell you to sleep when your baby sleeps – do it!

Housework, guests, Instagram can all wait … just get as much rest as you possibly can in those first few weeks.  

Rest reduces anxiety hormones and they are the enemy of milk supply.

3. Let your baby discover your breasts all by themselves

You may be shown “the best” feeding position in ante-natal classes that will give baby “perfect” latch … hmmm … this works for some but not for everyone.

In the first few weeks, many mums find it much more helpful…

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