5 Exquisite Wedding Centerpiece Ideas – How To Decorate A Wedding Centerpiece

Decoration is one of the important parts of a wedding ceremony, among which centerpiece decoration steals all the attention. A stunning and sparkling centerpiece adds extra point to the glam quotient of the occasion.

Wedding centerpiece is available in different style and design; from cheap to expensive you can go with your own choice. In today’s world of high budget many couples go for “DIY” or do it yourself mantra which not only saves money but also provide you an opportunity to show off your creativity.

You can harmonize the colour or make centerpiece based on a theme to match the other décor of the wedding, or even make use of some innovative ideas to surprise the guests. So let’s find out the ways how your wedding centerpiece is going to rock the wedding and at the same time will reflect the imaginative side of you and your would be better-half.

Ideas for Wedding Centrepieces

Exclusive Flower Vase Idea

Though flowers are the most used or common elements for centerpiece decoration, but you can give it an unique yet eye-catchy look by your innovative power. Instead of going for normal or regular transparent glasses, you can opt for the vases with different colours and pattern.

You can even make use of some off-beat item for the replacement of common flower vases. Fish bowls or bird-cages are uncommon ideas for the flower vases. You can fill these flower bases with colourful stones or pearls, crystals or other objects that can complement the theme of…

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