4 Best Treatment Options For Myositis

Myositis is a rare muscle disease. Chronic inflammation of muscles leads to Myositis. The medical fraternity is yet to come up with the exact causes, symptoms or treatments. Myositis makes the muscles very weak. The muscle fibres lose their strength and hence patients face difficulty in carrying on day to day chores also.

While in some cases Myositis may be identified at very early stages and instant precaution and medication may bring an end to the disease. However, in some cases it may become chronic in nature. Chronic myositis gives incessant pains and may have drastic effects like disability and disfigurement.

However, there is no reason to be disheartened. Precautionary measures and timely treatment is the key to recovering from Myositis.

4 Best Treatment For Myositis

Precautionary Measures

Although no immunity is available against Myositis many doctors highly recommend the flu shots every year. Flu Shots after all safeguard your body against other infections too! Research has revealed that people who are known to use illegal drugs and injections are more susceptible to Myositis.

Thus it is very important that you avoid these and even when you are medically prescribed certain injections you must check its contents and inject it under a para-medics guidance.


What we must bear in mind is that Myositis is not curable and it does not have a medicine exclusive to itself. Yet certain degrees of measures can be taken to control it from spreading and affecting other muscles. First among such measures is Prednisone. Prednisone is a common steroid from the family of corticosteroids. Prednisone gradually makes the immune system slow and hence checks the spreading of inflammation.

It is also known to be helpful in easing off the pain. As far as unbearable pain is concerned one may simply choose aspirins or ibuprofen instead of increasing the dosage of corticosteroids. This is mainly because of the various side effects associated with such steroids. For that matter many doctors recommend alternate day dose of Prednisone instead of every day, especially in younger patients.

A new treatment which is gaining popularity at a mind boggling speed is IVIG (Intravenous immune globulin). This is prepared by combining different human blood plasma’s  Such a random combination when injected in patients is surprisingly helping them develop stronger immune systems.


What medicines cant achieved can be achieved by sheer will of the patient! Myositis patients find their muscles extremely weak and almost non-functional. It is very important to begin physiotherapy immediately after the medication period is over. Life and strength can be brought back to the weakened muscles by simple exercises. One must not overdo any exercises to further stress the muscles.

One should begin with simple stretching exercises and massages and gradually increase the intensity of the physical therapy. Once the body starts responding to the physical treatment one could begin with morning walk, swimming, jogging etc. Aqua therapy like whirlpool baths etc may be suggested by your physiotherapist.

Nutritious Diet

A weak body can miraculously gain strength when you feed it well. It is advised that you include lots of vitamins, proteins and mineral in your diet which will help your muscles recover quicker. One may also opt for over the counter multi vitamins, creatine, cod-liver oil etc. Please restrict your dosage to the prescribed levels.

Myositis is healed with time. The above treatments along with the love and compassion of near and dear ones makes a perfect formula for a quick recovery!

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